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All's Well That Ends Well - LBC Post

I have been so very busy these last few days that I thought today was Friday and of course it wasn't. So with even more apologies, I present this belated LBC Post.  When the LBC group where throwing topics into the mix, I came up with the idea of using Shakespeare plays as post titles.  He's a tried and tested writer.  He was one of the few writers who actually made a living from his work and his body work still manages to enthrall readers centuries after he died.  That's a unique achievement and very few writers could hope to emulate that.  Unless, of course, your name happens to be J. K. Rowling.

A few weeks ago, I received an email from, the Indian blogging hub.  I love blogadda because they give me books to review and regularly send me emails telling me how awesome I am. Yes, really.  I bet they say that to all the bloggers, but so what?  A compliment's a compliment, right? And let's face it, I'm not even an Indian.  Well, okay, only by marriage, but still.......

So imagine my surprise when I actually got a call from the blogadda office recently asking me if I'd registered myself for the #CelebrateBlogging event.  I had to admit that I hadn't.  I have a humongous workload lately.  My washing machine is broken, my part-time cleaning lady regularly has domestic emergencies and doesn't show up, I have several high maintenance members in my household who very often need my attention NOW.  And then there is the pile of book reviews I haven't yet been able to do.  Do I need extra commitments?  I don't think so.

Yet something told me to go for it, to register for this blogging event.  So I went to the Blogadda website and registered for the #CelebrateBlogging event.  A few days later |I got an email from Blogadda introducing me to nine Indian bloggers.  Roshan (known as Doc), Datta, Priyanka RB, Priyanka V, Divyakshi, Arpita, Sulekkha, Nupur and Neeraj.  Unfortunately, Neeraj had to opt out because of personal circumstances, but we,  the rest of the group, formed a small community known as Bards of the Blogosphere.  We are now in the throes of writing a nail biting crime thriller, yet unnamed, in competition with 29 other blogging groups.  

We've connected on WhatsApp and are having a blast writing this book.  We have been given a set of characters by blogadda, around which to build our story.  Really, how do nine different writers with nine different styles come together in a virtual sense to write a book?  Well, we're nine chapters in and all I have to say is, it's been a wonderful project so far.  I never saw myself as a thriller writer, but all I have to say is it doesn't hurt to come out of your comfort zone and stretch yourself a bit. It's an amazing experience.  I've only ever written ghost stories, sweet romances and family dramas before this, as well as features and blog posts.

It's a fairly young group - mostly in their twenties and early thirties, so at 51, I'm probably the elder lemon of the group.  But in order to bring some balance, I feel it's only 'write' that the senior members of the community should also be represented.  So here I am, doing my bit for the older folk as regards representation.  I'm the only non-Indian in the group too and so far as I know, maybe the only one inthe whole event, altough I couldn't be to sure of that.  Anyway, I'm glad I signed up for this, I'm having the time of my life.  Today, we got the news that we were through tothe second round. Having said that, we have also come to know that no team is eliminated yet.  But we're through and for now, we're delighted.  I hope we remain in the Game of Blogs till the end, so we can finish our story.  If we eventually win the tournament, our book will be published.  Which would be great.

Please like our page on Facebook  You can find it here.  And find our story here and follow it.  A new chapter is published every day and is available on each blogger's blog, depending on who's writing that day by day.  We need a cheering squad and  feedback on the story.  We'll love you to bits if you support us, we promise.

That's all very fine, I hear you say.  But what does this post have to do with the title?  It just so happens that as well as being a Bard, I'm a member of the Loose Bloggers Consortium, a group of international bloggers who blog on the same topic once a week.  The post title is the topic given for this week, by this writer.  Obviously, the best possible end to this particular story would be if the Bards win the Game of Blogs tournament.  So let's see what happens, shall we?

Thanks to William Shakespeare, the Bard of Stratford on Avon, for the inspiring title.  Thanks to the LBC for continued blogging inspiration and to the Bards of the Blogosphere for their commitment and continued support for the current WIP we're all working on.  Not to mention the two "BOB" images above.  And thank you to for the first image above, "Old Book Spines" by Matt Banks.


  1. I agree. Let it end and then we shall see if all is well that ends well.

  2. Win or lose, you seem to have made new friends, so the play title is proving to be a good thing for you.

  3. Hey, I am just one year short of your age, so we are two of us in this team who represent the experienced writers :) So glad to be a part of this creative group and happy to be writing this amazing story with the other Bards :) May the best team win...

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