Friday, 16 May 2014

Is Negative More Honest? - LBC Post

This fascinating topic is brought to us courtesy of Loose Blogging Consortium member The Old Fossil.

Is negative more honest?  You mean is it more honest to be negative, sad and depressed when you're actually feeling depressed, sad and depressed?  Instead of putting up a 'sunny side up' face and smiling through your tears?  Well, I suppose so.

Why pretend everything's okay when it's not?

When you're happy, you can show a happy face to the world. And when you're sad, likewise.  Why pretend?

So, if you're negative, it's more honest to show it, instead of putting on a brave face and pretending that all is well......

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  1. What you say is good and true, Maria.

    What is not good that the word 'negative' even enters the equation.It's a peculiarly American thing 'negative/positive', slowly seeping into European culture. First of all there are no absolutes. What is a 'negative' for one is a hilarity to me. And vice versa.

    What bugs me big time that we are judged on being "negative" (BAD) and "positive" (GOOD). Life isn't like that. Bad is bad, good is good. We can't erase that which affects us negatively. Neither should we. And if I, the eternal optimist, skid on a banana skin so be it. I tend to try and spot it before it catches me (or anyone else) out.


  2. That's one way of looking at it but I think ofthe topic as truth vs yntruth, fact vs fiction

  3. I think it depends on the person and how they deal with sadness and depression and how overwhelmed they are at the time. Sometimes if you smile and pretend to be happy, other people will join in and it can give you a lift, if only for a while. Then again, sometimes it is impossible not to hide it x

  4. It depends who we're showing the sadness and depression too and whether we're just a bit fed up or truly depressed. Our loved ones need to know and if it's a case of depression then medical help is probably needed so hiding the truth would be a bad idea.

    If we go round snapping, moaning and scowling at everyone just because we're having a slightly bad day then we're just spreading the unhappiness.

  5. I must confess to a complete loss of intelligence. Three of us have written about the topic and each of us has interpreted the question set by TOF differently. I think TOF must be persuaded to explain exactly what he had in mind.

  6. Ursula - I like your style. It's very cool.

    Shackman - yes, I know what you mean.

    Teresa - Yes, I do agree with you.

    Patsy - Yes, I know.

    Ramana - this could be interesting

  7. Ah, I have posted. I, the present self, even had a different take than the past self who generated the question. Who knew, eh?

    I have come to the conclusion that the honesty in question here is honesty of perception and honesty of expression. Honesty of perception requires the negative if it appears. Honesty of expression, considering that expression has purpose amalgamating the perception with meaning can be transformed. It can be quite honest to not express negatively that which is negative in honest perception. We are not required to mirror without edit.

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