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Popeye's Understanding of Being - LBC Post

I simply cannot believe that it's time for another LBC post this week.  And I'm late again.  So I'm late.  So what?  Better late than never, right?  Well, that' s my take on this and I'm sticking to it.  This week's topic POPEYE'S UNDERSTANDING OF BEING comes to us from the inimitable Old Fossil.  Bless him, they don't come any nicer than he does.  But what sort of a topic is this that he's given us?  

For once in her life, gaelikaa (that was once my blogging name!) is speechless.  I'm rather concerned about utilizing photos that I don't own.  I got my Egyptian queen here from a free download site.  As I mentioned last week, I went crazy downloading Egyptian stuff when I was writing an historical novel in November. A novel set in ancient Egypt, among other places.  I like to post photos along with my posts, so here's my Egyptian queen and I do think she looks rather more beautiful than Popeye does.

Popeye is, to my mind, a rather weird individual.  He's a tattooed sailor.  He has a hideous looking girlfriend by the name of Olive Oyl with a shrill voice that would go through your brain.  I've come across at least two women like that during my life and in my brain, I've nicknamed them 'Olive Oyl'.  On consuming cans of spinach, Popeye (and his eyes really do look as if they're ready to pop out) becomes endowed with superhuman strength. He's a simple sort of person, endearing in a way.  He always seemed a tad dysfunctional to me.  There's also a baby (with the extremely odd name of Swee'Pea) in the picture somewhere, although to whom that child belongs, I have no idea. There's a friend called Bluto who looks like a joke.  I'm not what you'd call stupid, well not exactly, but I'm afraid I've never really 'got' Popeye, nor the humour behind him.  When I was a kid watching cartoons, I'd never get the point.  I wondered what he was doing in cartoons.  But someone must have got him, as he's enduringly popular.  On some level, though, I do find him rather cute.

As Dorothy Parker might have said, 'with this the gist and sum of it, what earthly good can come of it?'

Or as Mick Jagger might have said, 'you can't say I never tried'.  To write a post on this topic, I mean.  I'm quoting from 'Angie' here, the classic suicide blues song that the Stones immortalized.

This post has gone totally overboard in irrelevance. I think I'll get out while I'm still on top of things.  Thanks to the O.F. for the topic.  And thanks to All Free Downloads for the photo.

Every Friday a half-dozen of us post as members of the Loose Bloggers Consortium, on the same topic simultaneously.  If you wish to check them out, their links are in the sidebar.  


  1. Not the easiest of topics for Irish girls. Popeye was 'Murican and a long way from Tolka Row or Wanderly Wagon.

    What about this for nostalgia...

  2. I can understand the angst and the difficulty in writing about Popeye, because there is just nothing about him or the other people in his life that remotely relate to anyone that you would have come across in your childhood. On the other hand, even I living in India could find characters like those around us and even flatter ourselves that we were the noble Popeye!

  3. Grannymar - you're right. I just didn't relate.

    Rummuser - Someone in Ireland I know is the image of Olive Oyl. And someone in India too.

  4. I vaguely remember quite liking Popeye. The memory is so vague though that I couldn't now say what it was that appealed to me.

  5. Popeyes used to sing, "I am what I am". That is his life motto, and to some extent I gave adopted it. :)

  6. You had to grow up with Popeye like I did to understand. Popeye cartoons were simple and funny.

    There was also the standard to "accept a person as they are."

    What I learned about using images that aren't mine is to give credit to the person they belong to.

    Hope this helps, Maria.
    blessings ~ maxi

  7. Well I grew up with him and I never much cared for the cartoons or the comic strips - but still is I YAM what I Yam is really the essence of his being. But I love spinach - LOL. emember - TOF was a pitcher and every good pitcher can throw a curve. Fos tossed us a goon curve - LOL


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