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An Open Letter To Someone

If you're reading this, you'll know who you are.  I'm not addressing you by name, nor am I about to reveal your identity.  I'm writing this to get something off my mind and to move on with a clean slate.  This stage is a turning point for you.  You may be full of hope for the future and desirous of as many blessings and good wishes as you can get.

I wish you well.  I wouldn't do otherwise. You and I always got along.  No matter what was going on around, we always had an empathy.  I do believe I was someone to whom you could confide your deepest secrets, things you couldn't talk to the people who are supposed to be closer to you than I am.  I always tried to be there for you.  I even think you needed me.  Because of that, I made time for you and gave you priority in my life.  I tried to do the best I could for you.  Always.  Because of our unique relationship and because of what we shared in the past, I trusted you.

That's why your betrayal was such a let down.  You were economical with the truth and exploited my trust for personal gain. What was worse, knowing my vulnerabilities and the fact that you enjoyed a lot of favour with certain people who are not kindly disposed towards me, you actually hid behind that favour so that when your subterfuge was detected, you knew that you would not be called to account for what you'd done. The material loss you caused me was nothing in comparison to the hurt caused by your manipulative behaviour.  Being let down by you caused me mental anguish and I had to struggle with lowered self esteem for having allowed myself to be fooled.  I also had to struggle with unforgiveness which I didn't need as it only makes one bitter and cynical.

Are you to blame for this?  Perhaps.  Maybe you got a message long back that it's okay to mess with me.  But you also have a mind of your own and the kind of nonsense that was fed into your brain by people who should have known better should no longer be accepted by you as eternal truth.  By now you must realize why the type of things that were spoken of me were being said.  Outsiders are not easily accepted.

I wish you well, as I said earlier.  But if I have my way, all you'll be getting from me and mine from now on is good wishes.  Nothing more.  And for your own sake, I would advise you to see the error of your ways and try to make amends  before it's too late.  Because 'be not deceived, God is not mocked.  As a man sows, so shall he reap.'  Or to put it another way, karma is not very pleasant for anyone who hasn't been up to the mark.


  1. Good for you Maria, let them know you're not going to be messed with.
    Sorry that this happened to you, life can be cruel sometimes, but I'm sure you still have lots of real friends to rely on. Xx


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