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Contradiction - and Puppy Love!

Last week, because of some crisis in my personal and emotional life, I missed posting with the LBC.  Therefore the topic of  "Puppy Love", suggested by Ramana, my dear brother, quite passed me by.  I can't say I wasn't relieved.   I used to pride myself on the fact that I could write about anything.  No topic too difficult.  Well, perhaps I couldn't write much about biochemistry, the subject in which my husband has a doctorate, but perhaps I could write about the impact that the science has had on me personally.  Or perhaps I couldn't write knowledgeably  about high flown subjects like philosophy and the like.  I could only write about those matters in a very general, layman's (or woman's) way.  But in general, I was always  like 'bring it on.  No topic too difficult".  And therein lies the contradiction.  My well of inspiration seems to have dried up recently.

I used to work for an incredible man who was not only a writer, but a diplomat.  His name is Kiran Doshi.  He was the Indian Ambassador to Ireland back in the 1980s, as well as to several other countries in the course of time.He is now retired and spends most of his time with his family. When I worked for His Excellency (he'll always be that for me, retired or not), I was fortunate enough to look after his correspondence and I noticed that some of his observations on life were incredibly clever.  People would write to him to ask what India was like.  He dealt with the onerous task of representing his country in an able manner, but one quote he often used when describing  incredible India was this one:  "Everything you can say about India is true.  And the reverse is also true."  I do not know to whom that quote is attributed, but the more I live here, the truer it becomes.  In fact, I very often use it now when I describe India to others.  It's one of the things I learnt from my Guru, you can say. There couldn't be a more contradictory statement.  Could there?  If there is one, (a more contradictory statement), I'd like to know what it is.

Now I will divert from this topic.

Being born into and brought up in Catholicism has left its mark on my psyche.  I suffer most dreadfully from guilt complexes.  Because I am feeling so bad having missed the LBC post last week, I have decided to cover the topic by coming up with this (admittedly rather lame) limerick.

Puppy Love

The topic of puppy love,
Is something I know little of,
Having missed in my youth
Th'energetic pursuit
Of the arrows of Cupid above.

I'll not be contributing limericks on contradiction any time soon.  That's for sure.

Well, that was great getting two topics covered in one post.  It leaves me right up to date with my LBC posts too.  Now, there are a couple of award posts which need catching up on.  I shall tackle them next.

And before I sign off I must mention another contradiction which occurred to me as I was working on this post.  There I was, wondering who had thought up the topic and bemoaning their lack of onsideration for poor, inspirationally disadvantaged bloggers.  Then I found that the person who contributed the topic was none other than I.  Contradiction or what?.

This is my weekly post for the LOOSE BLOGGERS CONSORTIUM.  We are an international group of bloggers, from Ireland, the UK, the USA, China and India and we post on a single topic every week unless one of us has some sort of issue which prevents us from posting.  We are, in alphabetical order, Delirious,  Grannymar,   MaxiMariaSF,  Padmum,  Paul, Ramana,  RohitShackman, The Old Fossil and Will. This topic was suggested by me this week.   If you like this post, go and visit my friends too and check out their take on this fascinating topic!


  1. Nicely done - turning this into a fascinating topic - LOL. Like you, I think I can write about almost anything but I must confess - this one was a bit more of a struggle. So thanks fir that :)

  2. Contradiction was a difficult one.

    I did find a rather strange contradiction, though. In my feed reader, your alphabetical list of members above, shows up with all the correct links, yet on your blog there are no links.

  3. I found myself in the same position when I saw the topic "my first kiss". What was I thinking when I suggested that topic!? :)

  4. Thanks Shackman. Glad to see I'm not the only one struggling.

  5. Oh, Grannymar, don't know what happened to those links but I've fixed them now. Thank you.

  6. Oh, Delirous, it happens to us all sometime.

  7. On Puppy love, straight off, I don't believe you.

    On contradiction, you are one. Your Irish Indian.

    Anyway, nice having you back blogging.

  8. It isn't true that any subject can be written about really easily. First of all the subject has to be something you know well, have experienced or that you are really enthusiastic about and secondly, it all depends on the mood you are in at the time you try to write it! Well thats my view anyway.
    Maggie x

    Nuts in May

  9. Hi Maria … not to worry, you did a fine job. This is a very unique quote: Everything you can say about India is true—and the reverse is also true.

    blessings ~ maxi

  10. Writing is a constant contradiction, I find.

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