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National Healthcare Vs. Private - LBC Post

This is not a topic which lights my fire, but as it's the chosen topic for my blogging group, the LBC, I'm going to go with it.  I know it's a hot topic in many countries, particularly in the USA.  People get really emotional over this.  But I'm not one of them.

As a child and as a young woman, I lived in Ireland. As my father, the major breadwinner of our family, died when I was young, while I wouldn't exactly say our family was poor, we were not a high income family.  So the state healthcare was good enough for us.  As far as I am aware, it was fine.  Although my father died of a terminal illness, we didn't have too many health crises thoughout our family life.  So I would have found the Irish state healthcare system just fine.

At just over thirty years of age, I moved to India.  I got married and settled down here.  I've had several hospital stays, four times for my deliveries, an extra time for hypertension in pregnancy and I also suffered from hepatitis and several large and painful abscesses.  I've also had to to have some dental treatment.  I've been in private healthcare since coming to India. I had private, air conditioned (in summer)rooms  when I delivered all my babies and we are not a fabulously wealthy family.  Middle class with the usual, everyday struggles and a little more hard pressed than others might be, with a couple of kids more than the usual middle class average.

Indian doctors are excellent.  All the treatment I've had has been well within the reach of a middle class family.   I just had a tooth filled yesterday.  The entire treatment took two sessions, one when a temporary filling was inserted and the final one (yesterday) when the permanent filling went in.  The cost of the treatment in entirety was five hundred rupees. About ten Euros, or ten Dollars, depending on where you live.

In India, healthcare for everyday problems seems to be fine if you have a stable job and a reasonable income.  So that's probably the reason why I've had no major issues with healthcare.

I'm very lucky really.

This is my weekly post for the LOOSE BLOGGERS CONSORTIUM.  We are an international group of bloggers, from Ireland, the UK, the USA, China and India and we post on a single topic every week unless one of us has some sort of issue which prevents us from posting.  We are, in alphabetical order, Delirious,  Grannymar,   MaxiMariaSF,  Padmum,  Paul, Ramana,  RohitShackmanThe Old Fossil and Will.  If you like this post, go and visit my friends too and check out their take on this fascinating topic!


  1. You're correct - it is a very hot topic here and one that rarely can be discussed with any degree of civility. Thanks for sharing your experiences.

  2. I must have the topics mixed up 'cause I have "not over yet" for today.

    Anyway, you're right Maria. India does have good doctors. Although I live in America, my cardiologist is Indian and he is excellent.

    I love him and his family. They treat me so kind and loving.

    Blessings to you ~ maxi

  3. That sounded a very reasonable amount for a filling. Even the National Health over here charges more than that.
    I have had extensive treatment over the last few years and so has my husband....... I'm really relieved that I didn't have to worry about paying for it.......... though we have contributed over the years through National Insurance.
    I believe the NHS is groaning under the strain......
    Maggie x

    Nuts in May

  4. You would pay way over €10 for a filling in Dublin these days.

  5. My only experience with government healthcare is here in China, and that experience has been less than satisfactory.

  6. Hi Shackman,

    Being a netizen gives one access to the thoughts and experiences of others.

  7. Hi Maxi, nice to see you over here.

    I'm glad that although in the United States, you've had the experience of how dedicated and skilled our Indian doctors are.

  8. Maggie, thank God the NHS was there for you and your husband when you needed them. You deserved it, having paid your contributions down the years.

  9. Grannymar - I could well believe it.

  10. Delirious - I have no idea at all about China, although I live in a neighbouring Asian country. I'd say your experiences are very interesting. I'd love to know more about them.

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  12. Your dental charges sound so reasonable! I am lucky to have an NHS dentist, but they charge much more than that.

    I have nominated you for a Leibster blog award, Maria - no obligation to accept :-) x

  13. Your dental charges are very reasonable.


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