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The Sunshine Award

I've been awarded THE SUNSHINE AWARD by author Ruchita Vasudev.  As well as displaying this lovely award on my blog, there are a  few rules to observe.

  1. Thank the person who awarded you.
  2. Fill in the Q&A
  3. Pass on the award to 10-12 deserving bloggers.
Well, I do thank Ruchita for thinking of me when it came to passing this award on.  I'll very happily fill in the Q&A.  I'll write down the bloggers to whom I'd like to pass on the award.  If they see the post and decide to accept the award, I'll be happy, but I don't need anyone mailing to tell they can't do it.  If anyone sees themselves nominated and can't join in for whatever reason, I'll worries!!!

FAVOURITE COLOUR:  Maroon.  Beautiful in the Indian winter, but not so 'hot' in summer.  Unfortunately.

FAVOURITE ANIMAL:  For some reason, I'm rather partial to cats.  But I don't like animals lying around the house nor sleeping on the chairs or beds.  I get a hygiene panic.

FAVOURITE NUMBER:  It's a toss up between three and seven.  For a writer, three is a perfect number signifying a beginning, a middle and an end.  But I find seven somewhat alluring and mysterious.

FAVOURITE NON-ALCOHOLIC DRINK: Chai. Indian tea leaves boiled in water, milk and sugar.  

FACEBOOK OR TWITTER?  Oh, I love both. But I probably prefer Facebook as I have more friends there.

YOUR PASSION:  Reading and writing.  And of course, my family.

GIVING OR GETTING PRESENTS:  I only like giving and receiving gifts if they are appropriate.  Otherwise, it's a freaking waste of time and effort.  Not to mention money.  I also hate giving and receiving cash gifts.  I mean, cash is great, but I had this relative who used to say things like: "I just want money for my birthday this year, so will you just pay Mary that twenty quid I owe her ...."  So I never give cash gifts.  I prefer the gift card option, if need be.  Getting a gift you don't like is like getting a kick in the teeth.  I love receiving books and gift vouchers.  I hate receiving recycled, unwanted presents and I always know, so don't try to fool me 

FAVOURITE DAY:  The school holidays are on, but when they're not on, I love Mondays.  That's the day I send hubs and kids off to school/office for the week and claim precious time to write

FAVOURITE FLOWER:  I review romance novels and I have penned the odd, short romance and even got paid for it.  I'm not that romantic, though, if the truth be known.  But I do love roses, especially red roses.  I got some lovely bouquets for my birthday this year which had red and yellow roses in them, thanks to my sisters, sister's partner and mother for one bouquet and my brother for the other.

I am passing on this award to all the members of my Loose Bloggers Consortium. You all know who you are and you are free to take up this award and questionnaire if you wish.


  1. Congratulations, Maria. It's lovely to learn more about you. I love your reasons for liking those particular numbers, particularly the number 3.

    Oh and I'm so with you on recycled presents - I'd rather people didn't bother at all :-) x

  2. Thank you Teresa. One of the reasons I enjoy writing tag posts is that they give you ideas on things to share - there's always something new to write about if you get an unusual prompt.

  3. lovely to read Maria, and I love your award xx

  4. Hey Tash, thanks so much for coming over and commenting....

  5. Lovely to know more about you, Maria.


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