Saturday, 19 January 2013

Good Intentions

I had great intentions for this week.  I'd write a thousand words every day, review six books, get my Loose Bloggers Consortium (LBC) post up well in advance.  And did I?  No, no, no.  I wrote about two hundred words per day and have been trying to read and review two books and still not finished reading.  My target of 19,000 words until today by now is around 15,000 on my 100kWords in 100 Days Challenge.  It seems I'm just not cutting the mustard.

I have the intentions.  I just don't seem to have the mojo to carry out the things I want to do. So many intentions, not enough time.  I've not been sleeping well lately.  Probably very tired.

So - my intention now is to try to get more sleep.  Then carry out the original intentions.That' what I intend to do.  As of now.  Meanwhile, my post is up one day late.

I had to go out to the bank this morning to get some pending work finished.  I clicked the above picture en route.  It seems that after a three week winter, we're getting the sun back again. 

That is good news....I feel for my friends and family in the UK and Ireland who are coping with adverse weather conditions.

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  1. That's a lot to expect of yourself in a week, Maria! I know how you feel though - sometimes it feels like you're running just to stand still. But catch up on your sleep if you can.

    Glad you're getting the sun back - send some our way :-) x

  2. Please send an envelope of that sunshine to warm my bones.

  3. 15,000 words in 19 days is a great start. You've got so long to go, you can afford to give yourself some slack. When I did NaNo last year, I started slowly, then got into the groove around day 6 or 7 - you've got two-thirds more time for the 100k challenge. Good luck!!

  4. I think that you promised something that was too hard. Lowering the amount of words you write is much more manageable. You do very well writing each day even if you don't reach your target.
    Maggie x

    Nuts in May

  5. The nice thing about intentions, as opposed to deadlines, is that you can reassess you priorities at any time. I think you chose right in deciding you needed some sleep. :)

  6. Man proposes and God disposes. And that is why I approached my take on the subject the way I did.

  7. And the most important of all those intentions is to get more sleep.
    Other good things will follow.

  8. Like many writers you are too ambitious, too prescriptive, Maria. Do what you can. Stuff the rest. Don't count words.I find that the fewer dead lines I set my self the higher I fly. Put me under pressure I will not crack but I might stall. Being inexplicably late. Other than that I am with Paul. And don't forget the snooze button.


  9. I think having a rest and re-starting is a great way to get your mojo back!!! Not that I think you need it as reading what amazing progress you've done with your writing and reviewing, I am in SUPER AWE!! You've done so much already!! Yay!! Enjoy the warm weather! Take care

  10. You are still doing good though. I wanted to edith two chapters a day but I am doing about 200wds per day.

    Lovely picture

  11. You got a post up, that's an achievement I didn't manage for weeks now.
    Don't be too hard on yourself, relax and try to get good sleep. Posts are secondary to that.


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