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Best Answer To The Question 'Does My Bum Look Big In This?'

This is the weirdest post title  I've done for the LBC (Loose Blogging Consortium).  And yes, I'm late.

Life has been crazy lately.  This is my major blog, my personal blog.  It is supposed to be an expat blog.  I opened up a new blog this week in keeping with my changing lifestyle and have neglected this one shamefully.  But I miss this blog terribly.  So here I am trying to go on with 'gaelikaa's diary.'  But I digress.

So if someone asked me 'does my bum look big in this?' what would I say?

I'd say no.  If someone needs to ask a question like that, their confidence is obviously low and I'm not the person who will damage another person's self esteem.

Clothes can't make someone's rear look larger.  Being overweight does.  Anyways, I'm not terribly visual and don't dwell to much on what I see, unless I'm reading.  I'm much more likely to be interested in what a person is like to have a conversation with than in how they look.

I remember when I was in my teens, I went away for a weekend with the girl guides group I was in.  I was a very innocent teenager, my hormones hadn't exactly started raging. Yet.  Lots of girls I knew were already hanging around with fellas and 'getting off' with them.  'Getting off' with someone meant kissing as I understood it.  I just hadn't gone there yet.  I remember one of the girls in our group, Noeleen, had a new pair of jeans which she literally had to squeeze into.

"Oh, girls!" she wailed.  "Does my arse look huge in these jeans?"  I had a look and nodded in the negative.  She looked perfectly fine.  She had the adorable, round curves of young womanhood, and sure, what on earth is wrong with that?  It was in this era that I remember girls all over the world started going crazy when their bodies started changing shape and looking womanly.  They used to worry that they were fat.  Then we started hearing horrid stories of the eat-vomit-eat nightmares nightmares of anorexia nervosa and bulimia.

I was always slightly on the overweight side and being short didn't help.  But I grew a perfect figure when I was breastfeeding.  I lactated for a full ten years - from the time my first baby was born till my last one was weaned, going from one pregnancy to another without a breastfeeding break.  The problem was, I used to eat like a horse.  I continued to do so even when I wasn't breastfeeding.  So I'm a bit concerned about my weight these days.  Trying to cut back on fried food and sweets, which isn't easy in north India.

While we're on this topic, I remember once or twice I was chatting with girlfriends on the subject of fanciable men. This would have been when I was in my twenties.   We all had some attribute we would like the man of our dreams to have.  One girl wanted hers to be tall and muscular.  I wanted mine to be intelligent and preferably not too fat or too thin.  I definitely didn't wish him to be taller than me because any man who is shorter than me would be an extremely short person and statistically, there is not so much of them around.

One of my friends, Linda, was adamant on the attribute she wanted her man to have.  "He has to have a nice, neat arse," she said.  I was so surprised.  It wouldn't even occur to me to think of something like that.

"What a strange thing to say," I mused.

"She's right," replied Miriam, another friend.  "Who wants some eejit going around with the trousers hanging off him?"  Well, I couldn't disagree with that.

I had a great bunch of girlfriends, they used to make me laugh all right.

Before I go, I'd like to say something about my new blog.  It's a sort of writing blog.  I had one of those before, but this is a little different.  I'm hoping to interview authors and do book reviews there.  Mostly romantic fiction writers, but I'm open to all genres.  Any of my readers here (I know there are very few left, but there are some, I know) is most welcome to come over and visit.  And please leave a comment to let me know you came over.  The blog address is and it's called (surprise!) Maria's Book Blog.

Until my next post, see you soon.

This is my weekly post for my blogging group, the Loose Blogging Consortium. We post weekly (usually simultaneously) on a given topic and visit each other to see the different takes we have on the same topic.  We are, in alphabetical order, AnuDeliriousRummuserGrannymarMaxi, Magpie, Maria SFocdwriterPadmumPaul, The Old FossilShackman and Will. If you have time, please visit my friends too.  


  1. I will reserve my response to that question, on the assumption that you would ask it of me, till I meet you in person!

  2. Answering the title question is easy peasy compared to these dreadful captchas. They grow more blurred everyday, and no it is not my eyes. I had to change it three times today before I got one I could read.

    If that was not bad enough, I was taken to a page to sign up for a blogger account. Grrrr! Now I need to begin the process all over again.

  3. Me too - I hate the captchas - not just here.

    But otherwise I agree with you - too much emphasis on skinniness. Not advocating going to the other extreme, but normal healthy figures seem the best idea to me too.

  4. Isn't "big" a relative term anyway? There are some cultures that prize a large size bum. And to what is the person comparing today's "big"?

  5. @Rummuser - I'll ask you no such thing! When are you coming to Lucknow?

  6. @Grannymar - So sorry about this. The spam was so awful, I had practically no choice but to put up the captcha again. :(

  7. @blackwatertown: I'm with you on this one.

  8. Delirious: That's so true. And I'll bet being skinny isn't all it's cracked up to be!


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