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My Favourite Hobby - LBC Post

I have one, no make that two, hobbies, but they are almost like the same thing in a way.  One is reading. The other is writing.  They are closely related of course.  

I've loved reading and writing - both - ever since I was a child.  I was a voracious reader and read all my three weekly library books within the first couple of days.  I was so into reading that my mother seriously feared I was losing touch with reality.  She was probably right.  The cushioned middle class English world of Enid Blyton  in and E. Nesbit were light years away and distant in time from my life on Dublin's north side in the nineteen seventies.  I was working class, not middle class and I attended government schools, not boarding schools.  Not that it mattered.a great deal.  I'd learned to understand all that by the time I reached my mid-teens.

I used to write letters and keep diaries too.  I could never understand why my cousins were so slow about answering my long, meandering letters.  I wanted prompt replies with exactly the same detail in the answers as the letters I'd written in the first place.  Later, I understood that I just loved writing.

As I got older, observed stuff and had stories to tell, I began to turn my experiences into articles.  I was published several times in 1993 by U Magazine in Dublin as 'Mary Perry'.  That's my aunt's name.  I was a little shy, you see.  I never thought I'd be able to handle fiction.  I started blogging in 2007 when my youngest child started school.  Last year, after working hard at fiction for a while, I had two short stories published.

I'm taking a break from writing fiction right now as I've worked terribly hard at it and need a break.  But I'm reading more voraciously than ever.  I've started reviewing books too.  A writer medical fiction in New York very happily mailed me two of her novels just so I'd review them.  I'm so amazed that anyone could do that for me. I particularly love reading novels about places and times with which I'm totally unfamiliar and learning something new that I didn't know before. 

My original favourite hobby, reading, has given me great pleasure and enjoyment and my spin-off hobby, writing, has done the same, and even at times it's paid me too.  I think that is the reason why I'm never, ever bored.

This is the weekly post for my blogging group, the Loose Blogging Consortium.  We post weekly (usually simultaneously) on a given topic and visit each other to see the different takes we have on the same topic.  We are, in alphabetical order, DeliriousRummuser,  GrannymarMagpieMaria SFocdwriterPadmumPaul,Rohit , The Old Fossil and Will.  If you have time, please visit my friends too.  This topic 'Getting Lost' was suggested by Paul.   


  1. I think that it is cruel to reduce the size of the font for ancient specimens like me.

    Otherwise, the passion for the hobby certainly comes through.

  2. For someone who likes to read and write you are exceptionally minimalistic. I am not blind but couldn't lay my hands on the magnifying glass to read your words in comfort. Did you mother never tell you about eye strain?

    I do think you wise to take the occasional break from writing. Put some distance between you and the well of your imagination.


  3. Snap on the reading and writing.

    All this talk about font size is prompting me to look at my own.

  4. I have a problem Gaelikka....I don't think in my home there was any restriction on reading according to age. My granddaughter is a 'serpent lunette' as my son used to be called in Mauritius by his teacher....she too devours books. I seem to be wanting her to read more stuff...she is into Enid Blyton now and loves Wishing Chair etc. (she will be 6 next month). She didn't like Heidi somehow. She loves Tin Tin though we don't give her the more violent ones. I am wondering whether she should start on Little Women? What about your kids?

  5. @Rummuser, Ursula and Paul - the font size is not my fault. That happened all by itself. I have tried to amend it but it makes no difference.

  6. I'm with the oldies! ;) I had to hit CTRL & + four times to increase the font sufficiently to read it.

    Your hobby has certainly paid off. I used to tell Elly that a hobby was important and one that might be turned into a career one day, was all the better.

  7. Snap Maria about the reading and writing! Earliest I remember is Enid Blyton's The Secret Seven and The Famous Five. I would go by the numbers in the series. Then we started with Nancy Drew, Hardy Boys and The Three Investigators, before starting with M&B!

    And I kept writing all these time though my writing was pathetic at best! But with reviewing now....well I get to do what I enjoy- reading and writing!

  8. I also loved writing as a child and wrote letters long & meandering. I also was disappointed that I didn't always receive the same kind back.
    I had difficulty reading your small font!!!!
    Maggie X

    Nuts in May

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  10. I think you are far too interesting to ever be bored.


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