Friday, January 13, 2012


Many years ago, when I lived in Ireland, I discovered a hobby which absorbed me, made me feel creative and alive and even earned money for me.  That hobby was writing. It was one of the best things I ever did. Now, I had always written.  I was an avid letter writer as a child and used to get frustrated when my correspondents didn't answer as quickly or in as much detail as I would have liked.  I also kept a diary for many years.

But one day, something happened which really annoyed me.  A very good friend of mine invited me to go out for a drink and meet her new boyfriend (with whom she was, incidentally, head over heels in love at that point).  So we went out and had a nice evening, me meeting the chap and getting to know him.  Well, we didn't.  Have a nice evening, I mean.  The whole evening, my smart, witty friend behaved like a complete moron. She was giggling and laughing up into the man's face the whole time.  Her strong opinions had disappeared.  She spent the entire evening agreeing with HIS opinions (actually, I think Margaret Thatcher is a great Prime Minister too, you know?).  I tried to inject some mirth into the conversation by mentioning the time when we'd gone camping in the countryside and the roof of the tent had fallen in, the rain had lashed down and we were all too drunk to do anything about it.  Big mistake.  She glared at me as if to say 'shut the hell up'.  Then she gave another irritating giggle and whispered to him: 'I told you she was crazy, didn't I?'   The next day when I met her, she was back to normal.  But I was annoyed.

So I wrote a short article (names changed to protect the guilty, naturally) about how some smart and intelligent women turn into airheads when an eligible man is around.  I had actually witnessed this scene several times.  I proof read the article and sent it off to a women's magazine in Dublin.  to my utter surprise they published it.  I'd only ever submitted a few pieces before and been rejected, but this was a wonderful surprise.  The same magazine published several articles by me that year.

Then I went off to India and married Yash.  For the first number of years, I was extremely busy.  I had four kids in eight years.  My writing dried up completely.

I started blogging in 2007 in a bid to get my creative juices flowing.  I loved writing my blog posts and got nice responses to most of them. I was invited to join the Loose Blogging Consortium where I got the opportunity to blog along with several friends on the same topic, once a week. That was marvellous fun and I'm still doing that.   I joined a blogging group (on my friend Elizabeth Harper's blog) which undertook to write one short story per week.  Surprisingly, I found that I loved writing fiction.  Now my stories were not very good.  Too many characters, too little dialogue, too much narrative.  But I did get better with time.  I was lucky enough to get into a critique group which meets online once a fortnight to share our stories and give constructive criticism.  The members, most of whom are published writers,  are mainly British, but there's me and even a member in Zimbabwe, and one  in New York.  The result was that last year, I was able to get two short stories published.  It feels wonderful to be published again.

I am so glad that I have rediscoved my writing.

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Maria from SilverFox said...

I too, am glad you rediscovered your talent and that we share a love of the LBC. It has been so wonderful to really make friends with so many writers around the world. However, I really goofed this week. For some reason, I looked up the topic and my eyes skipped down one and I wrote about next week's topic. I am truly sorry, but I promise to write again next week on the Joy of Giving.

Delirious said...

Yes, writing is one of those pleasures that I enjoy. I dont' always try to write with the best grammar, but I think that is probably why I enjoy writing. ;)

Grannymar said...

It is good that you rediscovered your love of writing and make the time to produce work each day. Who knows, one day we may get to read and own a signed copy of your novel!

Mimi said...

Good for you!
i, for one, love to read your writing,I find your style very natural and pleasurable to read, so I'm not surprised you're being published.
I think we'll be hearing more of you, Gaelikaa. And I think it's great that you've rediscovered your love of writing.
Great post!

blackwatertown said...

Good story - I love it when tey happy endings - and middle bits and beginnings.

padmum said...

Way to go Maria!! Keep writing and publishing. You can load a collection of your stories in a book form on Kindle. Explore...I hear it is very easy.

Rummuser said...

And so are all of us in the LBC.

You should see men going gaga over attractive women. They are usually speechless unless they are made of platinum or queer.

Maria from 'gaelikaa's diary' said...

@Maria from SilverFox I'm so pleased to see you back again - no matter what topic you post on!

@Delirious - Writing is one of the greatest pleasures I know - next only to reading!

@Grannymar - Thank you. That would be great.

@Mimi - I like your writing too, Mimi.

@Blackwatertown - Happy endings are great all right. We all need something to look forward to.

@Padmum - Thank you. I will explore the option

@Rummuser - I never noticed anyone drooling over me like that. That's probably why I don't know.

Maggie May said...

I'm pleased that you took up writing in the first place and that you have now rediscovered the wonderful hobby/pleasure.
Maggie X

Nuts in May

Marianna said...

It's a wonderful feeling to get paid for doing what you love, isn't it? Congratulations and may your writing sustain and entertain you and your readers for many years to come!

I love the new template, Maria!

Romance Reader said...

Wow! I loved this story, Maria! And I liked your style.

Maria from 'gaelikaa's diary' said...

@Maggie May - I love the fact that blogging has helped me to make some very good friends. I'd never have met you and the other people who comment here otherwise.

@Marianna - I'm glad you like my new template. I'm glad I changed it too.

@Romance Reader - Good to see you here - that story was something which infuriated me at first but which makes me laugh now!

Nas Dean said...

I'm glad you got back into your writing stride! Your writing is lovely.

Elizabeth Harper said...

Me too, me too, I'm glad you rediscovered your writing as I enjoy reading it.

I love telling stories myself and glad TMAST helped in a tiny way with the practice part.

I can't imagine how you find a private minute in your busy household, but well done you for turning out pages and getting published.

I'm still slogging along here, trying to write something worth reading. You're an inspiration!