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48 Great Things About Being 48

To break my blogging fast, I'm embarking on a post on the theme of forty eight.  I completed forty eight years this year, in May to be precise.  My blogging/writing friend Sally Quilford is celebrating her forty eighth today.  So through this post, I wish Sally a very happy birthday and give my take on the whole meaning of being forty eight.

  1. You're still on the right side of fifty.
  2. But there's no right side of fifty anymore.  By the time you've reached this age, you know that age is just a number.
  3. You don't get upset about the things that used to upset you when you were, say, eighteen.
  4. If you have a fight with HIM, you know it's not the end of the world and this too shall pass.
  5. On a good day, you can pass for looking a lot younger than you are.
  6. Thanks to modern, innovative cosmetic technology, it is possible to look thirty without going under the knife
  7. But at this stage, is looking thirty or under the be all and end all of life?  You know it isn't.
  8. You'd love to tell your kids all the great things you've learnt but the trouble is, the little darlings have to live their own lives and make their own mistakes.  You can live with it.
  9. You still tell them what you've learnt anyway and hope they learn something from it.
  10. You can look back at the traumatic happenings of your youth and even smile.  If you've worked through them that is.  If you haven't worked through them, you'd better get a move on.
  11. You actually learn to forgive your parents for the stuff they did on you which you didn't like.  You even  understand them better.
  12. By the time you've reached this age you know your childbearing years are probably over.  This is a sort of liberation.
  13. You're still not too old for romance.  Whether you're married or single.
  14. You value your women friends more than ever.
  15. Even though you and your friends seem to be aging to others, you know you'll always look the same to each other.
  16. You realize that you have an inner age as well as an outer age.  My outer age is 48.  My inner age is 23.
  17. You find teen flicks boring.
  18. If you have children, they keep you in touch with who current celebrities are, like Lady GaGa.  And you remember the punk phase of the seventies and have a good laugh to yourself.
  19. Your role models are wonderful women like Cher and Susan Sarandon.
  20. You've probably come to realize that life is what you make it.
  21. You now officially know that life is not a fairy tale and that happily ever after doesn't necessarily mean strolling into the sunset hand in hand with the man of your dreams.
  22. But you don't care and
  23. If you do have the man of your dreams in your life the chances are that you've had your dreams shattered a couple of times.
  24. But that doesn't matter either and
  25. You know that sex isn't all it's cracked up to be
  26. but that it can be a whole lot better especially if you don't take it too seriously.
  27. You know that money isn't everything
  28. But there's not a lot you can do without it either and you'd be lying if you said it wasn't important.
  29. You realize that there are some things that you can't tell your husband.  Like your best friend's secrets, for example.  
  30. He doesn't want to know anyway.
  31. You still have dreams about your future.
  32. If you're in a steady, healthy relationship you know you are lucky and
  33. If you're single you know you're still lucky.
  34. You've finally figured what the hell life is all about.
  35. You realize you are fortunate to live in an age where fifty is the new forty.
  36. You know you're not past it and that the best is yet to come.
  37. You realize you'll never completely understand your husband nor will he completely understand you.  But it's okay.
  38. You sometimes notice youngsters obsessing over trivialities and find it sad.
  39. You find it amusing how young people often think they've invented youth.  
  40. You feel happy when a younger man flirts with you
  41. but it really doesn't matter either way because if he hadn't noticed you, you wouldn't have been upset.  Not at all.
  42. You get the odd panic attack about aging but you just get on with it and realize that you have gained much in experience and wisdom over the years and that that is worth more in the long run than perfect skin elasticity and a pert figure.
  43. You've got more insight into the way people think than before.
  44. The chances are you have friends and acquaintances from a variety of age groups.  I am privileged to count as friends people who are twenty years older and even more years than that younger.
  45. You get a lot of pleasure from revisiting the past in the company of old friends but you know in your heart that you'd never want to go back.
  46. In some cases, the boss who terrorized you when you were in your twenties is now your friend.
  47. You now know that twenty years is just nothing and 
  48. you are happy being exactly where you are!
All in all, I would say that forty eight is the most perfect age to be and very much gives one the best of both worlds, the wisdom of hindsight and the enthusiasm of youth.


  1. really liked it... i can see my future...

  2. Thanks Tanvi. Great to see you over here!

  3. It'll be my turn in under two years. I'm not gonna worry too much about #12 though.

  4. Fantastic Maria! I was nodding at all of them!

  5. Nice to see you back blogging again. 48. Was I ever 48? I suppose I was and it passed by no different than any other year. For me the best day is today. Why? Well all that went before has gone and who knows if I am promised tomorrow... I like to live in the moment.

  6. Happy birthday!

    I'm coming up on the big 5.0., and it's a little depressing. lol

  7. Great post, Maria - I've shared it on my wall. :-) xx

  8. Thanks Gaelikaa - I was 48 in March of this year and you've made me think it's not so bad after all! I particularly liked number 8 - I'm always trying to give my daughters advice but they don't listen to a word I say!

  9. My compliments. The new presentation and the comment system is perfect.

    I wonder if I should attempt one for 68! I shall give serious consideration and may be many items on your list will be duplicated.


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