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A stable life is considered highly desirable.  Stable job, stable marriage, stable mind.  These things are no doubt great assets to anyone.  When your base is stable you can get on with life.  The problem is, some turbulence is needed to keep life exciting.

One of my friends had a beautiful aunt.  She had no children, but got along great with other people's, not having had the distraction of her own children to disturb her.  She didn't have the careworn, worried look that our mothers had.  Auntie Audrey was blonde, pretty and ever youthful.  She had a nice home and a nice husband and everything was moving along nicely.  Then one day her husband came home and told her he was  leaving her.  He had apparently been seeing another woman for some time.  This hit her like a bolt out of the blue and gave her the shock of her life. Auntie Audrey got back on her feet soon enough.   She still kept herself in great shape and maintained her youthful looks.  She had many a girls' night out and got a lot of consolation from the friendship of her sisters and some other women.  But there was a sadness in her eyes that never really went away.  Apparently, she thought she had it all, and lost it one fine day.  Maybe if she'd had a hint in advance that everything wasn't perfectly all right, she could have made her marriage a bit more interesting, who knows?

The truth is that while stability is a prerequisite to a satisfying life, it can also be a recipe for boredom.  Sometimes a bit of conflict adds the spice to life.

When I got married to Yash over sixteen years ago, lots of people in my environment pronounced my marriage as doomed to failure before it had even begun.  We were too different.  Different race.  Different religions.  No common traditions.  Well, it's sixteen years on and I won't say that it's the end of the story and God knows we've had some tough times on account of our different outlooks but I can safely say that the differences are actually what makes our relationship interesting.  Sure, there have been times when he reacted to something in a totally different way than I thought he would but these experiences are what has helped me to learn.more about him.  We may have differences but we have common bonds as well.  Our main bond now is our children.  We also both love simplicity and hate hypocrisy.  Maybe that's why we've lasted till now and will hopefully continue to do so.

I remember years ago when I used to have a job, that after one or two years, many secretarial jobs lost their challenging feeling and left me feeling like a glorified photocopying machine (make that a non-glorified photocopying machine).  I remember once, staying in a boring job for exactly six years longer than I should have because I was too scared to take the plunge and go out into the wide world.  That was a huge mistake.  Then, because of personal circumstances, I had to ditch my regular job and took a temporary job for a while.  My months in the temporary job were among the happiest of my working life.  I'm a housewife now who sometimes sells a piece of writing (and mostly gives it away for free).  I have, however, earned my bread in  jobs as varied as receptionist, shop assistant, waitress and a teacher.  I've also worked in a voluntary capacity as a tutor and a counsellor at different times and found it immensely satisfying. 

Turbulence and change keep your blood flowing.  I'm all for stability, but stagnancy is to be avoided at all costs. We mustn't confuse stability with stagnancy, because that is a recipe for disaster.  I realize that some people have to continue in boring and meaningless jobs because of financial necessity and I do realize the necessity of security.  But I think that  it is no harm to throw a little turbulence into the mixture, that's all.

This is my weekly post for the Loose Blogger Consortium. We are a group of bloggers from different parts of the world with diverse views and styles of writing, and we post simultaneously (well, we try to) on a weekly basis on a given topic.  We have been recently joined by two new members, Delirious and Padmini. Other currently active members are, in alphabetical order AshokConrad, gaelikaa, Grannymar, and Rummuser. This topic 'Stability' was chosen by me, gaelikaa.

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