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If I Could Change My Life (Writing Workshop)

I have no regrets.  I think I've had a terrific life so far and I'm eagerly looking forward to the next chapter.  I've been so lucky in many ways, I can't believe it myself!  I mean how many people can honestly say that they actually married the love of their life?  Well, I did.  I'm not bragging or anything and no, we are definitely not the perfect couple, but still!  I got married at just over thirty, which was exactly the right time.  I 'm living in an amazing country where every day is a learning experience.  I have four wonderful children, two boys and two girls.  I am currently coming to the end of my B.A. course in English literature and history by Open University.  I'm a stay at home mother pursuing a dream of being a writer.  Could things possibly get any better?

Well, as a matter of fact it could get better.  Much better.  If there is anything I would love to change, the first thing would be finances.  Oh, yes, I'd love to be rich.  I really mean that.  I'd love to be rich enough to fly home to Ireland whenever I want or need to.  That would be awesome.  I haven't visited Ireland in about a dozen years owing to the size of my family - it's a rather large one by the standards of the country I'm living in.   As I wouldn't dream of leaving the kids to go home (eldest is fourteen, youngest is six), we would have to travel en famille and like I said, the family is rather large, which makes buying tickets rather expensive.  Another thing!  I'd adore to have my own house, for just me, my husband and kids.  We currently share with my husband's mother and brother's family.  Nothing against them, they're great!  But there's nothing like having your own home, is there?  Just your own, exactly the way you like it.

My wish list is a bit bigger than that though.  I  want a holiday home too.  One of my friends has a share in a property owned  by her family, it's an old British style house in a nice cool mountain area in north India.  I'd love one of those so that during the summer heat here in Lucknow  I could just take the kids and get out of town to a cooler climate.  Heck why stop at two houses?   I'd love one in Ireland as well.  When I was growing up, I noticed that most Irish girls want to live near their mothers after marriage.  I'm exactly like that.  So 'a house near my ma' would be a big priority for me if I was rich enough to have one.

My daughter's friend Anandita is the daughter of an important government official.  Her mother has the use of a chauffeur driven car to get around and get things done.  Now there is something of which I could definitely make awesome use!  I'd have someone to drop the kids to their friends' houses and pick up stuff in the market.  Come to think of it, my learning to drive would be the best thing in the world from a psychological point of view, to gain confidence and all that.  Yes, but the chauffeur driven car would be great because someone else would have to drive me around.  Driving on Indian roads is not really very easy at the best of times.

So there it is, my secret list of wishes.  It might look like I want the moon to some.  To others it might be just nothing.  But like I say, the secret of happiness is to be content with what you have.  That I most certainly am.

This post was inspired by the writers' workshop assignment at the blog 'Mama's Losin' It'.  I looked at the current week's  prompts and got inspired by the  first prompt "What Would You Change About Your Life if you Could".  Hence the post!

This post originally appeared on Write Away on WordPress on 9/7/2010

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