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I Love Doing This!

On Monday, the 1st November,  I officially started writing my first novel.  The plot for the novel has been going around in my head for a while.  The characters are pretty well developed.  I have a plot.  I even have a conclusion.  The in-between bits are a little hazy.  I plotted out my novel chapter by chapter.  So far, I've stuck to the pattern.   But when the chapters turn out a little long,  I tend to add new ones so my novel has two extra chapters so far than I had originally planned.

But here's the interesting bit.  As of now, I've written (wait for it!) 15105 words!  I can't believe it myself.  I am on target for the 50,000 words I need to be declared a 'winner'.  This is amazing for me.

I don't know if my novel fits into any specific genre so I've declared it 'mainstream fiction', but I think it's more women's fiction.  I write short stories with the womag market in mind so this could be classed as an extended 'womag' story.  My two main characters are two women who have both loved the same man.  The man is in there but he's more a token man.  The women carry the story.

Will I have the impetus to continue?  The next 25 days will tell.  Sometimes enthusiasm flags after an initial outburst of enthusiasm.

My life's not going to change overnight just because I've written a novel, suppose I finish it and all.  A novel is very hard work.  There are rewrites and missions to find nice agents etc.  The returns for novel writing are not huge.  It's more creative satisfaction one gets than anything else.

But I just know one thing.   I love doing this!

This post first appeared on my blog Write Away on WordPress on 6/11/2010

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