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I Comment Therefore I Am#1

I comment around the blogosphere whenever I get a chance.  I have several blogs, so I generally comment from the blog from which the blogger knows me or from the one to which I think that particular blogger would relate.

This week I visited Mama Kat's Writing Workshop, both as participant and as a commenter on her writing workshop.  Mama Kat posted on 100 things she would like to do before she reaches 100 years of age, or her 'bucket list' as that sort of  list is called.  One of the things she wanted to do was to visit a concentration camp.  I commented:

I visited a concentration camp once. Well, it wasn’t one when I got there, merely reconstructed. It was an amazing experience. The evil atmosphere was palpable. These places serve as great reminders that ‘never again’ should this be allowed to happen in our world."

I visited Dachau Concentration Camp  in 1984.  I was on holiday in Germany and it was one of the local landmarks.  When I mentioned this to a friend recently, he said "Oh, that must have been great" and then he immediately backtracked, saying he didn't really mean that.  But he didn't have to because I knew what he meant.  These places are not fun to visit but life isn't all about having fun either.  There's a very good quote that says 'those who forget the past are condemned to repeat it.'  These reconstructed concentration camps should serve as a memorial to those whose lives were destroyed there as well as to remind us how low mankind can stoop.

I was over visiting Grannymar, my  blogging friend in Ireland.  I was very impressed to see a photo of her sitting in a fancy car, a Saab it was called, if I remember rightly.  She was asking her readers to let her know if they thought the car suited her.  She mentioned that she'd probably get a toyboy to drive the car for her too.  In the comment section I wrote:

Oh, yes, it suits you very well. Good idea to put the toyboy to work. Men need to have plenty to do. Otherwise they get up to all kinds of mischief…
She commented her agreement right back to me.   I love going over to Grannymar's blog.  Nowadays,  I'm living in Lucknow in India and she's in Co. Antrim in Northern Ireland, which is technically a part of the United Kingdom.  We met in cyber space but we are both originally from Dublin.  Our homes were no more than 15 or twenty kilometres apart.

This week I also visited a  blogging friend of mine in Canada, Marianna of Change of Heart Stress Solutions, a blog which has great words of wisdom about the condition of stress, which really is one of the plagues of the modern age.  As I lead rather a stressful life, I find a visit over there makes me feel a lot calmer and happier about life in general.  On entering the comment section I was happy to see a comment from another blogging friend, Rummuser, of  Ramana's Musings, an Indian blog.  Rummuser is my adopted brother, so we are close enough.  Marianna's post dealt with how stressful traffic situations can be.  Rummuser commented on how he finds that going for public transport and taxis means that one is free from the tension of driving and looking for parking spaces.  Of course he was right.  Here's my comment:

Yes Rummuser, you are right but.....going around public transport like autos and rickshaws, when you have several kids, is stressful in a different way.  I've just come in from an evening doing just that and I would say that my stress levels are up....Great post Marianna.  I enjoy your insights and words of wisdom..

It is not that I didn't agree with Rummuser, because I actually did.  It is just that we are in different stages of life.  He is a retired gentleman and I'm a busy mother of four.  He wants to leave his vehicle at home and go with public transport and I'm sick of public transport and dream of a vehicle of my own.  Talk about opposing points of view!  Life is strange indeed.  What's good in one stage is bad in another!

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This post originally appeared on Write Away on WordPress  on 12/07/2010

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