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Can It Be Saved? - Writing Workshop.

I remember doing cooking classes in school when I was twelve years old.   One week we had to bake chocolate cakes.  The teacher broke is into eight groups.  Each group made a round chocolate sponge cake.  The idea was to take two sponge cakes, sandwich cream in the middle and produce four chocolate sponge sandwiches.  The group I was in was crestfallen when the centre of our sponge flopped.  Our teacher just smiled.

"Don't be sad!  These things happen," she said.  "Just remember, there are no disasters.  Just opportunities to be creative.."

She put together three very good (I won't say perfect) chocolate sponge cakes.  Then she tackled ours.  The group next to us were furious.  They had made a perfect sponge.  How would they get a nice cake, combining with us?  The teacher used the perfect sponge as the base of the cake.  She turned it upside down and applied cream on it.  She carefully cut the sunken middle out of our sponge and topped the sandwich with the sponge ring she had made of our sunken sponge.  Then she filled the hole in the middle with extra cream, jam and some sweets like chocolate buttons and tiny jellies.  Dusted with icing sugar, it looked like the perfect child's birthday cake!

Our cake was the envy of the whole class!

Thirty years later, I was cooking a vegetable curry in a pressure cooker.  The pressure in the cooker was out of balance.  Within minutes of switching on the gas, I was left with a dry, burnt out potato curry.  I didn't let it bother me.  I scraped out the most unburnt pieces of potato.  I chopped up tomatoes, onions and added the curry powder and made a new curry base.  I cooked it in a wok and added the 'alright' pieces of potato, adding some cubed cottage cheese and defrosted peas.  The burnt out pressure cooker was filled with a solution of vinegar and water and left somewhere out of sight, to be cleaned within minutes once I had a minute to attend to it.

The dinner was a great success that evening and no one had a clue about the burnt curry.  Like my teacher once said, there are no mistakes, only opportunities to be creative.

This post was inspired by this week’s  Writer’s Workshop at Mama’s Losin’ It.  I looked at the current week’s  prompts and got inspired by the fourth prompt, ‘Can It Be Saved?’  This prompt originally meant could a soaked item be saved, but I applied it to cooking disasters.  Hence the post.

This post originally appeared on Write Away on WordPress on 27/8/2010

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