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Just when you thought you'd become accustomed to life without them, they barge back into your life without warning.  I'm talking about rats and mice.  An odd time we get rats in the house and we have to take all the measures we can to get rid of them.  Sometimes we get mice.   The mice are tiny and the rats are rather large.

When I lived in Ireland, I was afraid of rats and mice.  I am much more accustomed to them now and never let them bother me.  I think that in their own way, they just want to get on with their lives and leave the humans alone as far as possible.  That suits me very well.

Sometimes they disappear in a couple of days.  While they are around, we have to keep food covered and clothes out of the way.  Well, we do that even when they're not around.  Sometimes we have to make a bit more effort to get them out of our lives.  My family tends to use a trap which looks like a tiny cage.  You put a piece of bread inside.  The rat goes for the bread and the door snaps shut.  Someone in the family (usually Yash, my husband) is asked to dispose of it.  He usually brings it to the nearest park and lets it loose.  They have an aversion to killing creatures in our house.

One day, the trap caught a rat in the middle of the day which was most unusual.  They're caught mostly at night.  When my children came in from school, they were full of compassion for the poor animal.  It was an extremely hot day and the rodent seemed to have tears in its eyes.  That's  what my kids said anyway.

"Let him out, mummy!" said Neil, my eldest.  "The poor thing will die of thirst!"

I was seriously afraid of opening the trap.  I was afraid the rat would bite me I suppose.  Besides, I wasn't exactly sure HOW to open the trap.  I was like 'oh, no please!  Not me.....'

Mel came up with a solution.  There is a vacant plot - well, a small plot with a grave in it - right beside our back-to-back neighbour.  She suggested we face the trap out towards the vacant plot, open the door and release the rat to ensure  that it escaped to freedom without going into anyone's house.

So this is what we tried to do.  However, I'm a bit lacking in confidence when it comes to any sort of technical matter.  I pointed the trap in the right direction, opened the door - and released the rat (which was a huge one, by the way!) right into the house at the back of us!  Much to my horror, of course.

I quickly looked around.  No one had seen us it seemed.  I dragged the kids back into the house and bolted the door.  I was practically hyperventilating.  What if someone had seen us?  What would they think?

Well, it was two years ago.  No-one has come around to complain yet.  So I think I'm safe enough.

Thankfully we've been free of rats since then.


  1. nice n a funny story... lolzz:P

  2. I like your thinking - send them next door!!

  3. Another great story! I hope you & your family remain rat-free. Here's hoping that the rat learnt a lesson & passed it on to his mates... ; )

    Thanks for sharing, Maria!


  4. "Poor thing will die of thirst!" LOL! I support animal rights but this is so different! xxx

  5. I hate rats ad think I would be inclined to kill them.

  6. Oh dear....... you didn't *know * me in my rat days.......
    After 6 yrs of battling with them in the kitchen roof..... and dismantling half the kitchen..... the problem was solved. It caused me a lot of stress.
    Wouldn't wish it on anyone.
    We used to poison them but then there were smells.....
    Your way was kinder but didn't really solve the problem!
    Lovely story.
    Maggie X

    Nuts in May

  7. This was such an entertaining post! I can just imagine you being all worked up about letting a rat into someone's home, hehe.;)
    I love mice and gerbils! Gerbils are so cute.;) Not that fond of rats either, but I agree with you, they also just want to live.;)

  8. Oh that was funny. You try to be compassionate and it backfires on you. I had one of those live traps and never caught a single mouse in it. they would trip the door but never get caught.

  9. Rats are a good sign gaelikaa. Ganesha's vahana!

  10. Maybe after two years, the rat is living comfortably next door without having been discovered!

    Great story!

  11. I thought it might be more "hole" mischief -- the displacing of rodents, etc. Glad to hear this happened a while ago.


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