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View from my Terrace - Sundays in my City #2

One of the things I love about the houses here in India is that most of them have flat roofs surrounded by walls and railings like a sort of indoor yard. I can actually stand on my roof and look out over my neighbourhood.  I love the roof, or the 'terrace' or 'chaat(Hindi)' as we call it.  In the summer, in the cool evenings, it is a nice place to go to get some fresh air.  There is a good space for the children to play too, although I never allowed my children to play there unsupervised when they were young.  I never had the experience of looking out over my neighbourhood in Ireland, unless I was in a flat.  Our family home is a two storey house, the third story being just the terrace and a small room.  Today, Sunday afternoon, I took some photos of the view from my terrace.  Above is the view from the front of the terrace of one side of the road.

Above is the view from the same spot but down the opposite side of the road.  We live in a very quiet locality full of trees.  The problem with living in a mainly residential area is the fact that there aren't too many shops nearby.  Anyway, we manage.

This is the view across the road from where we live.  As I mentioned, it is what we might call a 'leafy suburb', back home.

This is the view from the back of the house.  Did I ever mention that there is a graveyard at the back of my home?  Well, not exactly.  The vacant plot next door my my back-to-back neighbour has a grave in it.  Just one.  I don't know whose grave it is, but I did hear that it was the grave of a Hindu saint.  Yet Hindus don't bury their dead as a rule.  There is a Muslim cemetary in the locality, but the graves are unmarked while this grave is certainly marked.  As the rainy season is in progress, the 'graveyard' is quite overgrown.  It doesn't bother me or any of the family at all that there is a graveyard near us.  We have never felt in the least bit disturbed about it.  Actually, cats and dogs are always giving birth to their litters in there because no-one ever goes there.

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  1. Love your views, they appear exotic to me.;) How incredible it must be to be able to enjoy being outside most of the year. I am sure your evenings are so very pleasant.;)

  2. It's lovely to have a nose round your neighbourhood... and at least one of your neighbours is very quiet!

  3. Beautiful! I often thought about asking you to post some pictures to go along with your posts! :-) And here they are! I am not afraid of graves either... I'm afraid of the inexplicable... and you can find that also outside graveyards... Lovely template!!! Full of colour!

  4. I loved seeing your pictures. I have often wondered what your home and surrounding neighborhood looked like and it was not at all as I had imagined. I never pictured your home as two or three stories to begin with and I don't think I saw you in an area looking so much like a city. Thanks for taking time to include a photo tour. I hope we'll see more.

  5. Its nice to get a picture of wyere you are. Karenx

  6. It was lovely to see pictures of where you live.
    It looks quite posh and a very nice locality.
    You always write such interesting posts. Must catch up on the ones I missed.
    Maggie X

    Nuts in May

  7. It is great to see how the land lies around you. Nice greenery.

  8. great pictures, great views!

  9. I like graveyards, especially older ones, they're interesting places.

    Thanks for sharing a glimpse of your neighbourhood!

  10. I would love to have a rooftop terrace. There are a few places here that have accessible rooftops and they really are a treat.

  11. I'd love to have own rooftop floor to enjoy cooler evening weather and sunbathing when it's not too hot...
    SIMC greetings from Casa!

  12. When I lived in apartments, I would have loved to had a rooftop terrace. Thanks for sharing your neighborhood.
    Happy SIMC,

  13. I think we have a grave in our backyard. There is a litte ceramic heart set in a concrete heart on this little bricked over space. I think there is a dog or cat buried there. Or maybe someone's ashes. It's a big mystery but I love the my house is old enough to have secrets.

  14. What a lovely view. That's interesting about the graveyard. I am fascinated by graveyards. I love that the cats and dogs go there to deliver life where others go to remember those who have died.


  15. I also enjoyed seeing where you live Gaelikaa, it's nice when pictures are added to words!
    Your comment on the scarcity of shops in your area made me giggle - that's because the shopkeepers are all over here. Nearly every corner shop in Dublin is run by Indian's or Pakistani's - most of the time I can't tell the difference, it's amazing how similar the accents are. And actually after I got talking to the friendly owner of the Indian Takeaway near my house he informed me that he was from Pakistan, not India.

  16. Self realized Hindu Saints are often burried and a memorial erected over their grave. It is now not much in practice but quite acceptable.

    They are lovely photographs. My compliments to you.


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