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Better Red than....

If I didn't colour my hair, I would probably be completely grey.  I've nothing against grey hair.  I just don't think it suits me.  Not yet.

I started using henna (Hindi word 'mehndi') to colour my hair shortly after I came out to India.  My sisters-in-law all use it all the time.  Henna  comes from a plant.We buy it in the local shops as a green coloured  powder.  From my sisters-in-law I learnt that it has to be soaked along with amla (gooseberry!) powder in an iron vessel for about four hours.  It is applied to the hair and left on for the same amount of time..  I usually put it on before I go to sleep so I don't have to walk around looking like a creature from outer space.  My kids hate when I put it on and make a laugh of me when they see me applying it, so this helps me to avoid that situation.  For some strange reason, when both my sons were babies, they would not come into my arms when I had applied henna on my hair.  They would wait until I had washed it out completely.

Henna imparts a dark auburn colour to the hair.I like it because I don't like the idea of using chemical dyes for all sorts of reasons.  Another reason is that the colour it gives me it is quite close to my normal hair colour.  I've always had brown hair with a hint of auburn.  Of course, it is now more like an 'aggressive suggestion of auburn' rather than a 'hint of auburn' but it's okay.  

But I'm far from being the Celtic goddess of my dreams!  More like an Irish witch!


  1. I think you are wise to use a natural product like henna. When I was in my 30s & 40s I used to by henna based products and I was a firey red at one time.
    As I lost all my hair to chemo I am really hoping it won't regrow white or grey when it grows back. Guess I am a long way off finding out!

    Nuts in May

  2. I like the new look avatar and the colour really suits you.

  3. hi! sorry for not stopping by for a while... this is not the best period, too much work...
    i love henna and red hair but when i tried it once i understood immediately that it wasn't a good idea...
    have a great week,

  4. Maybe I should try henna. My hair is quite grey, but I've been told not to use any aggressive dies while pregnant. It just sounds like a lot of work...

  5. I'm going to be 60 next month and my hair is still dark. some gray but only a little around the temples. I inherited that from my dad I think as he was slow to gray also.

  6. I am so with you on this one! In every aspect. I too have grey hair, I had that already in my twenties, in that I take after my father. Today if feels like I am close to white.;)
    I used to use henna too, but interestingly later read that henna can cause quiet severe allergies, so I am sticking with the chemical stuff. I hate colouring my hair, but just as you, I think being totally grey in my forties is a bit too early.;)

    I bet you look dreamy with your auburn hair, that is my preferred hair colour anyway. I might get back to that one one of these days.;)


  7. I've coloured my hair for so long now that I can't even remember my natural colour! It was blonde until recently, when I just got fed up with roots growing through so quickly so it's now been changed to a sort of chestnut colour...much more natural.

  8. I don't think grey is for every one. We are lucky now as we have all these aides to help us look younger and feel better about ourselves.

    CJ xx

  9. That new photograph makes you look like Vivian Leigh! Congratulations.

    If I dye my hair, what little there is that is, I would also have to dye my beard and the prospect is nauseating! I do of course realize that there are many Muslims who do henna their hair and beard and I find that hedious! Just a matter of taste I suppose.

  10. Well, obviously I LOVE red hair. My hair was mostly red when I was younger. As the gray started to appear I helped it along. I love the idea of using a natural product. Henna is used in lots of coloring products..right?

  11. I've never changed my hair colour .. yet. I probably will when grey overpowers. Henna sounds like a wise, natural choice.

  12. I used to henna my hair with some lemon juice added to lighten my own ash blonde hair in my 20's. Now I'm in my 40's and greying (rapidly), I tried a "wash out" dye once the salon tried to match my hair, but it was too dark I looked Welsh (nothing wrong with that, but for the fact that I'm Scottish).
    Gooseberries, different.

  13. Oooh pretty pretty!! Pictures pictures?! I wanna see! I've never died my hair, I'm boring!!

  14. Very cool. I learn so much from you.

  15. I'm not ready to be grey, either. But I'm working more and more of it into my regular visits to the hair salon. I don't want to scare anyone when I finally take the plunge. :-)

    Nice that you use a natural product.

  16. Yeah Henna is any time better than those artificial colours.

  17. hahaahha had a hearty laugh on this one!! more like an irish witch!!

    My hair started turning grey when i turned 25, phew, for a couple of years i blamed the genes then ran for colour..witch or not, my hair is all chocolate with copper tinges now..i feel good, my mom cribs and my husband doesnt notice either there!!


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