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Married Heroines Are In!

Formerly, Indian film actesses retired after marriage, but that has changed nowadays.  Ten years ago, the Indian actor Kajol, then the reigning queen of Bollywood, at the age of twenty four, married a fellow actor Ajay Devgan.  When asked, she was silent on whether she was planning to retire from films or not.  Everyone (well, everyone who is interested in the film world!)  was shocked at her decision to marry when her career was at it’s peak.  Bollywood actresses, until then, generally married only when their career was past it’s peak as marriage meant sudden death for their careers.  Married heroines just didn’t sell seats in the picture halls.

I remember a debate going on in the newspapers:  “Should Kajol give up films now she’s getting married?”  This all seemed very strange to me, coming from the west, when Hollywood movie stars like Meryl Streep and Nicole Kidman were starring in major films and were not only married, but mothers as well.  I was just amazed at some of  the answers to the question of whether Kajol should give up the movies.  Some of the people answering the question, who were in fact young girls studying in college, gave answers like ‘Kajol’s film set is now her marital home; her husband and in-laws are the audience she’ll have to please, therefore she should give up her career!’  I might as well tell you that I was absolutely gutted when I read that answer!  I couldn’t believe that educated girls were speaking like this. 

Actually the debate was very well settled by Kajol’s husband, a very articulate and intelligent man, who answered ‘Kajol is an independent person and can do whatever she likes!’  Great answer!  My faith in human nature was restored.  Since marriage, Kajol has not only become a mother, but has turned out some excellent film performances as well!  Bravo Kajol!  And now, with another Bollywood diva Aishwarya Rai successfully juxtaposing movies and marriage, the scene has certainly changed for the better.


  1. I have not seem a film, Hindi or English in decades! So, I would not know much about it. I do however remember the days, when going to see films was very important as it was the best value for money entertainment available those days. I do not ever remember worrying about whether a heroine was married or not and I had crushes on a lot of them without knowing their marital status, as I am sure that many men of my generation also did.

  2. I was never a great follower of the movies, but when I did go along I was caught up in the action and never remembered the names of the actresses or actors who played the parts, never mind if they were married or not.

  3. Rummuser - well said, I'd be the same. But you see, it seems that there are people out there to whom these things matter a great deal. Strange, isn't it?

    Grannymar - Same as above. We're all pretty like-minded, aren't we?

  4. Just so long as she doesn't feel compelled to play "superwoman" -- yikes! I do admire a trailblazer!

  5. Interesting! It's amazing how times are changing in every country.

    Came over from SITS. Have a great day!

  6. The scenes will keep on improving, and we'll see better tomorrow for all the women :) I'm with the good :)

    Forest Warbler

  7. Wow, how odd! Marrying meant a death to their carrier. Can you imagine what that would do to Hollywood actresses;)
    I am glad this one breaks the rules, well done.;)

  8. I think it is difficult for those of us in the west to assume once a woman has married anything outside the home is verboten. Good for those women to continue exploring their talents!!

  9. Glad some married Indian movie stars are not complying to expected roles of servitude. it would be good to see more women pleasing themselves.....

    Nuts in May

  10. Your post speaks to the importance of letting people breathe, of accepting them as people. The love comes back in amazing ways. Control accomplishes nothing.

  11. I've been told that some cultures are adverse to change. Glad to hear that minds are opening...

  12. interesting that the younger educated generation would make comments like that. Maybe the only education they truly are interested in is the MRS degree:)

  13. I'm happy that things turned out to be "right" in the end! Good for her to have such a supporting husband!

  14. Maybe things are slowly changing for Indian actresses. Marriage doesn't seem to have hindered Aishwarya Rai from going on to very successful roles.


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